Yes all the pledged money is in! It only took us about 1 month. How impressive that our band family reaches yet another goal together this year!

A special thank you to all that contributed $$$ and/or referrals to me! You have done a really good thing for our Tuba section and the entire band!

“One band, one sound”

I am humbled by your generosity and I know that our entire band family appreciates it!

Ally, Eric, Joe, Michael and Karl: Thank you so much for you taking on the challenge of entering these Contra Bass’s (tuba’s) into our show mid-season. Your dedication to our band is recognized by the extra practice time, visual effective on the field and of course the much better sound!

As we proceed over the next three competitions; Lakeland, states & BOA, take a moment and notice the improved visual effect and sound of these new instruments.

Thank you for allowing me to contribute to the success of our WB band programs now and for the future!

Go WB!
Mr. B