West Bloomfield Bands E-Newsletter: July 16th-22nd 2018


Hello West Bloomfield Band families!



  • July Mini-Camp
  • Car Wash Fundraiser
  • Band at the Beach
  • Online Calendar
  • Uniform Pillow & Bag Sale
  • Marching Band Forms
  • Save the Date!
  • This Week’s Schedule



Mini-Camp starts tomorrow! Percussion & Marchers 1pm-8pm / Guard 2pm-9pm

Be Early for Rehearsals!  The most important rule is “Get there early to be on time!”  Students should arrive at the WBHS Band Room at least 15 minutes before rehearsal is scheduled to begin in order to get equipment, get to the right location, and be ready to start on time.

Students are expected to bring their instruments and/or equipment to every rehearsal!  A backpack or string bag is recommended so that students can bring the following every day:

  • 1” binder with sheet protectors
  • Music (to be provided either as a handout or to be downloaded and printed)
  • Pencils
  • Reeds (for woodwind players)
  • Oil/grease (if applicable)

What to wear at rehearsals:

  • Comfortable, closed-toe shoes – preferably tennis shoes.  Absorbent socks are strongly encouraged.  Students will be on their feet and learning to march for much of the day.  Absolutely no sandals or flip flops – the risk of injury is too great!
  • Dress for the weather – Please dress appropriately for the weather, but be reminded that the WBHS student dress code is in effect even in the summer! A hat is recommended.
  • Sunscreen is a must – Students will be standing in the sun for long periods of time.  Apply sunscreen before rehearsal, and reapply throughout the day.
  • WATER BOTTLES! Every student MUST bring a water bottle to all rehearsals. This is especially important during summer practices. Students work very hard and need to keep plenty of fluids in their body.

o   Note: Many students prefer the Coleman half-gallon water jug, which is inexpensive, available in several colors and can be purchased at any retailer such as Meijer, Target, Wal-Mart, or any sporting goods store.  Students should put their name on their water bottle.

  • Sack dinner – Students should bring a bagged dinner marked with their name.  They will be given approximately an hour dinner break each day.  Food can be kept in the band room.
  • Ankle and Knee Braces (if needed): Because students are marching almost every day, it is recommended for those individuals who have joint problems to wear ankle/knee braces where appropriate. Even if your student is healthy, these are a cheap insurance policy to prevent joint injuries.

If your student cannot attend mini-camp and you have not already done so, please contact the following as soon as possible:

Noah Dyer, Director of Bands: noah.dyer@wbsd.org

Chris Vilag, Assistant Director and Percussion Director: Christopher.vilag@gmail.com

Matthew Page, Color Guard Director: westbloomfieldcolorguard@gmail.com




Help is still needed for this Saturday, July 21st

Location: Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, 4800 Orchard Lake Rd (across from the high school)


I have the sign up broken up into two different needs. People who volunteer to wash and dry cars will sign-up in 2-hour blocks. I also need color guard to come twirl flags, etc. Their sign-up is in half hour blocks. You can sign up for more than one block if you want. Please follow the link to sign-up.

Thank you!

Anne Marie Collier-Miller bamo72@msn.com




Don’t forget — the first Band at the Beach event is from 5-9 p.m. this Thursday at Twin Beach Park Association, 6925 Dandison Court, West Bloomfield.

It’s not too late to sign up. RSVP to president@wbbands.info by 5 p.m. Monday. We’ll set up a Sign Up genius for items Monday night.

* Color Guard rehearsal will end early on Thursday so that they can attend this event. Please check time of dismissal with Matthew *



When in doubt, check the calendar at http://wbbands.info/calendar/

Please note that our Invitational schedule is now on the calendar as well as the football game dates. * The football season may go longer if our team goes to playoffs *

Check out the list of Invitationals and football games in the “Save-the-date” section below.

Our online calendar is always being updated to reflect our most current & available schedule. In cases of last minute changes and cancellations, emails and Facebook posts will be made.



We’re selling bags and pillows made from the old marching band uniforms!

The bags are $30 and the pillows are $35.

If you’d like to buy just the uniform (bibs and Shakos are not for sale) they are $25.

If you would like to order a bag or pillow, or the uniform, please email president@wbbands.info.



Please remember to fill out and turn in all required 2018 forms

Payment Coupons – These can be detached and sent in with payments. Payments are due on the first of each month.

2018 Membership Policy – this form must be initialed and signed by both student and parent.

Physical Form – Copies of this form are also available in the Athletic Director’s office. District policy requires students to have a physical every year in order to participate in a sport (in the West Bloomfield School District, Marching Band is considered a sport). If your student has a physical form on file, it will expire on June 30. Your student can NOT participate in rehearsals after June 30 until their physical is completed. Please address filled out form to Anne Marie Collier-Miller and drop it off in the WBHS Band Room.

Medication Form – Whether or not your student takes prescription medication, this form must be returned to us with the physical form. Original form is needed, please address it to Anne Marie Collier-Miller and drop it off in the WBHS Band Room.

General Liability Release for Band Camp – This form is needed in order for your student to participate in band camp. Email scanned, completed form to Ruth Richards at richardsbandmom@gmail.com.

Ford Field Waiver (Student) –This form must be filled out in order for your student to perform in State Finals at Ford Field. Email scanned, completed form to Anne Marie Collier-Miller bamo72@msn.com.

Ford Field Waiver (Parent) – Parents who volunteer to be on the Pit Crew (parents who move instruments, equipment and props on and off the field) will not be permitted to enter the field without this form. Email scanned, completed form to Anne Marie Collier-Miller bamo72@msn.com.

Band Camp packing list – this handy list has been compiled based on many years of band camp experience!

Uniform Contract – The West Bloomfield Marching Band received brand new marching band uniforms in 2017. Please read the uniform guidelines carefully.



All of these dates can be found at


Detailed information will be given out closer to the event dates.

* Football season may extend past these dates if we go to playoffs *

Percussion Camp –  July 23rd-28th from 1pm-8pm at the HS

August Mini-Camp – August 6th-8th Percussion/Marchers, August 7th-9th Color Guard

Pre-Camp Rehearsal Week – August 13th-16th Percussion/Marchers 1pm-8pm, Color Guard 2pm-9pm

Car Wash Fundraiser – August 8th

August Parent Meeting – Tuesday, August 14th at 7pm. Location TBD

Marching Band Camp – August 20th -24th

Community Performance – August 25th 7pm. Student report time TBD

September Parent Meeting – Tuesday, September 4th 7pm in the HS I-Center

Football Game – (vs Oxford) Fri, September 7th 5:30pm – 10pm

MCBA Field Day – Saturday, September 8th

Football Game(vs Lake Orion) Fri, September 21st 5:30pm-10pm

MCBA Lake Orion – Saturday, September 22nd

Hazardous Waste Day – Saturday, September 29th 8:30am-2pm

October Parent Meeting – Tuesday, October 2nd at 7pm at the HS I-Center

Football Game – (vs Southfield A&T) Fri, October 5th 5:30pm-10pm

MCBA Livonia Franklin – Saturday, October 13th

Football Game – (vs TBD) Fri, October 19th 5:30pm-10pm

MCBA Lamphere – Saturday, October 20th

MCBA Lakeland – Saturday, October 27th

MCBA State Finals – Saturday, November 3rd

Marching Band Banquet – Sunday, November 11th from 6pm-9:30pm at Glen Oaks Country Club



THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE (July 16th–July 22nd)

The Band Boosters uses Google Calendar. A link to the full calendar can be found on our website. To add BBAWB events to your calendar on your computer or smart phone, click on the “+Google Calendar” icon located at the bottom right of the calendar.


Monday July 16th:

  • Marching Band Mini-Camp. Percussion/Marchers 1pm-8pm. Color Guard 2pm-9pm

Tuesday July 17th:

  • Marching Band Mini-Camp. Percussion/Marchers 1pm-8pm. Color Guard 2pm-9pm

Wednesday July 18th:

  • Marching Band Mini-Camp. Percussion/Marchers 1pm-8pm. Color Guard 2pm-9pm

Thursday July 19th:

  • Color Guard rehearsal 2pm-? (ask Matthew: Guard will let out early to attend Beach event)
  • Band at the Beach 5pm-9pm

Friday July 20th:

  • Have a great day!

Saturday July 21st:

  • Car wash 10am – 4pm at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, 4800 Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield 48323



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