Blood Drive-TOMORROW
 Blood donors are still welcome at the Blood Drive at Abbott Middle School Friday August 10 2pm-8pm

To sign up:  Go to and click on the blue box in the upper right hand corner that says “Make a blood donation appointment“.  Find our blood drive by entering SPONSOR CODE, WBHS13.  You may need to register with the Red Cross, but it only takes a minute.

Volunteers are needed to assist at the Band Blood Drive on Friday, August 10 at Abbott Middle School.  Please contact to volunteer.   NOTE: this is also a Tag Day, so don’t double-book yourself!  Kids or adults can volunteer.
This a great way to support the blood drive if you know you cannot actually donate blood.  No special skills needed.  Thanks!
·         2:00-3:30pm – 2 volunteers
·         3:15-4:45pm – 2 volunteers
·         4:30-6:00pm – 2 volunteers
·         5:45-7:15pm – 2 volunteers
·         7:00-8:15pm – 2 volunteers