Hello parents and students,

Our first competition of the season is this Saturday in Toledo. Here is some information that you will need.

  1. Since the forecast is calling for rain and cool temperatures on Saturday, and the stadium is an outdoor stadium, students need to bring a warm rain jacket.  Keep in mind that we still sit in the stands and watch performances even in the rain.
  2. The buses will be leaving West Bloomfield High School at 7am. Please be here at 6:30am so that you can check in and board the bus. A bagel and juice will also be provided to each student at that time.
  3. Don’t forget your instrument, dinkles (shoes), black socks, and uniform.
  4. When we arrive in Toledo, the students will need to either be in their uniform or change into their uniforms. There will be no dressing rooms so plan ahead.
  5. We will change out of uniform after the performance, so students do need a change of clothes for the rest of the day.
  6. Students need to bring their own lunch or bring money to purchase their lunch from concessions. According to BOA, food cannot be brought into the stadium.
  7. If your student wants a BOA patch for their letter jacket, they will want to bring money to purchase one. The cost is less than $10.
  8. If parents are planning to drive down to watch the show, a copy of the site overview map is attached.
  9. The students will be eating sandwiches in the park near the stadium at 5pm. (see attached map). If parents, including pit crew and chaperones, plan to eat dinner with the band, cost is $5 per person. You will need to RSVP by Thursday, September 29th by5pm.  To RSVP follow this link:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090e48abae2ba57-boaregional
  10. Keep in mind that since Toledo is only an hour and a half away, the buses will not be stopping for restroom breaks.
  11. Many more Pit Crew members are needed this weekend. If you are a parent that is going down for the performance, the Pit Crew can really use your help getting the props and equipment on and off the field for the performance. If you can help out, please contact Brett Crawford at brettnsue@gmail.com . Brett will be having a practice for the parents this Thursday at 6pm and Friday at 5:30pm.  You will need to be in Toledo on Saturday before the performance to help with props.



6:30am arrive at WBHS

7am buses depart WBHS

9am arrive at Toledo Glass Bowl. Unload truck

9:40am warm up

10:45am perform “Glass Half Full” in prelims

11am  load truck. Change. Watch other groups. Lunch is on your own in stadium

4:30pm Prelim Awards

5pm clear the stadium. Dinner will be provided by band boosters

After this, it depends upon if we make finals or not. If we make finals:

7:15pm Finals begin. Warm up could be as early as 6pm

10:15pm Finals end

10:30pm Finals awards

11pm depart site

12:30am arrive at WBHS

If we do not make finals:

7pm re-enter stadium to watch finals

9am depart site

10:30pm arrive at WBHS