Good Morning,
On Monday 10/17, I gave all the male students (except 2) a concert coat to wear. They will be receiving them tonight at the Prism concert and keeping them for the year.  All the males have to wear black pants, a white collar shirt, and a bowtie with their coats. I will be at the school early to hand out coats and bowties if you need one.

Cost-Everyone has to pay a $5 cleaning fee for their coats. You can turn this in tonight, in an evelope with the student name on it, or give it to Mr. Mielens this week.

Bowties- if you are going to get a bowtie from me, it is also $5. But once you buy the bowtie, it is yours to keep. We use the same bowtie for all of high school. If they have a bowtie from Middle school, it is the same bowtie.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Anne Marie Collier-Miller