Good Morning,

Last night's concert was wonderful. So very proud of these groups. But, it was the last one. For all seniors, your concert coats and/or shirts should be returned by now.
For all other males, if you are NOT performing for graduation, start bringing in your concert coats and shirts to the band room to avoid the end of the year rush.
I am doing a different procedure this year for returns. There are a few coat racks in the corner of the band room (near the piano) that all coats and shirts need to be returned. I will try and make sure hangers are available for you to hang up the items if you bring them without a hanger. If they are not returned to this rack, and only this rack, you will be charged $200 for a coat and $25 for a shirt. In years past, coats and shirts have been shoved into lockers, cubby spaces, back rooms, etc. and I have to search for all the items. And then I always seem to miss a few jackets after I had sent them to be cleaned. I am hoping to prevent my scavenger hunt by making it a requirement that they are put in one place. I would appreciate your cooperation with this new return procedure.

Thank you in advance,
Anne Marie Collier-Miller