Good Day,
I am Anne Marie Collier-Miller, and I help with handing out concert jackets to all middle school and high school students. I would like to take a moment and tell you what each group of students should wear for concerts. I am going to tell you by grade, and this is the same for all schools.

6th grade is a white top and black bottom (male and female). 
7th grade is a white top, black bottom and a bowtie (male and female)
8th grade is white top, black bottom, bowtie and concert jacket (school supplies)(male and female)
In the High school-I am only addressing the males.
1st hour and 3rd hour will have white dress shirt, black dress pants, bowtie and concert jacket (we supply)
2nd hour will have to supply their own dress pants but we supply the tuxedo shirts and jacket and they need a bowtie as well.
Please check with Mr. Meilens on what the girls have to wear.

Now on Monday, Oct. 5th I will be fitting the High School 1st hour and 3rd hour with jackets during school. I will then be at Abbott in the afternoon fitting the 8th grade band.
On Friday Oct 9th, I will be fitting OLMS 8th grade.
I am unsure right now when I will get the High School second hour but it will be very soon.

We need everyone to pay a one time fee of $5. This allows use to have funds to clean the jackets at the end of the year. I would appreciate it if you can send the money in with your child on the day we do the fitting. Cash is preferred, but checks can be made to BBAWB as well. If your child needs a bowtie, we also sell them for $5 each. Once you buy it, it is yours forever. If you already have a bowtie, then please use what you have.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me,

Anne Marie Collier-Miller