Great news!  We have EXCELLENT locations for our Fall Tag Day weekend.  With full participation, this could be the biggest Tag Day weekend ever.  Our sites are Plum Market (Orchard Lake & Maple), Busch’s Fresh Food Market (Farmington & 14 Mile) and NEW – the West Bloomfield Township Civic Center for Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Day.   The Township is excited to have us entertain patrons as their cars are in line.

Click Here for the Sign Up Genius.  Check the shift times carefully – they vary at each location.  Any problems accessing this link, please REPLY to this message with your requested time slot.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • Tag Day is when groups of 3 students (8 at the Civic Center) play their instruments or spin flags and solicit donations at local grocery stores. It is an important fundraiser for us. It also helps connect us to our community by sharing our music with the public and raising awareness of our wonderful band program.
  • Color guard can bring their flags, but cannot spin due to space limitations.
  • Students who cannot play instruments will be the ones asking the people for donations.
  • We must have one parent/adult for each shift. The adult may want to bring a chair.
  • Please play music. Any music. Otherwise WBHS band looks bad.  Bring your music from band class last year, or sheet music of popular tunes, which are always crowd favorites.
  • Bring your instrument and music. Bring a music stand if you need one, and clips to hold music in place if it is windy.
  • Ask for donations only as the customers are leaving the store.
  • DO NOT block the store’s entrance.
  • Please wear your Laker Pride band camp t-shirt. If you don’t have one, wear any WB t-shirt or dark green shirt.
  • Arrive 5 minutes early.
  • Be nice to the customers, no matter what the customer says to you. Keep in mind that you represent West Bloomfield.
  • Clean up your trash before you leave. We want to be allowed back next year.
  • If there is any trouble, call the phone numbers written on the buckets.

Thank you in advance for making our fall Tag Day fundraiser a success! If you have any questions, contact Ruth Richards at .