Welcome to the WBHS Marching Band!

We are pleased to announce that Marching Band registration is open for 2020!  We are very excited about this season!  We hope your student(s) will join this rewarding program!

Marching Band: Registration is open to all students entering grades 8 – 12 (Fall 2020) residing in the West Bloomfield School District who have experience on wind or percussion instruments. It is highly recommended that students be concurrently enrolled in band class, but this requirement can be waived at the director’s discretion. District students who attend International Academy, Oakland Early College or any private or non-profit school without a marching band are welcome to join!

Color Guard
: Students who are not in band class and/or who do not play an instrument may join the Color Guard, a visual ensemble that is an essential part of the Marching Band. Some experience in dance is helpful but not required. The dance elements and equipment skills can be taught to interested students.[/one_half]


What’s included in the fee:

  • Band Camp, at home
  • “Pride” Marching Band shirt – for members only!
  • Invitational entry fees
  • In-state competitions, including travel (at least 5 performance opportunities)
  • Show composition – music and drill customized for each student
  • Music royalties and usage fees
  • Instructor salaries for 6 months
  • Uniforms

Additional Expenses:

Marching Shoes: $40 per pair. New members must purchase new marching shoes; returning members have the option to purchase replacements. A fitting for shoes will take place during the summer.

Color Guard Shoes: $40 per pair. All Color Guard members must purchase new shoes. A fitting for shoes will take place during the summer.


Show Shirts: Prices vary. Each season families have the opportunity to purchase show-themed t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.

More information about marching band

Why Join Marching Band?

Participation in marching band demonstrates commitment to an activity and to your school . . . a quality regarded very highly by many colleges. 
Adults (teachers, parents, etc.) give students many reasons why they should make music a part of their school careers.  Studies have shown the value of participation in music to student development and achievement in the classroom.  Colleges will look for commitment over your high school years and band is a great activity to have on your resume.  It is hard work and a commitment, but there is so much more. Every year we find most graduating band members say that they cannot imagine high school without Marching Band –  best teacher, best class, most fulfilling, and the source of many, many friendships.

  • Freshman walk through the door the first day of school already knowing 100 upperclassmen who can help them navigate through a new and big school and answer their questions.
  • You are joining, arguably, the most successful team in the school. We train and practice as long and as hard as any of the other teams and our success is measured by a long and distinguished history of top honors and awards in all our competitions.
  • There is such a sense of fulfillment – it is amazing to see and be part of the transformation that takes place between the first day of rehearsal and the polish and precision of the show performed by the end of the season.
  • Earn your varsity letter your freshman year!

Questions?  email wbbands@gmail.com