Hello Everyone, I am really in a state of disbelief that we are just days away from the conclusion of an amazing Marching Band season.  It truly seems as though we were just beginning our practices on Abbott field and preparing for band camp!  With that said, isn’t it awesome what our kids have done and just how beautifully they have grown.  The show is wonderful and their accomplishments stellar.  I will never stop being amazed at how focused and entertaining a group of determined teenagers can be when they put their minds to something.  Kudos to the Kids.

Now we have a few more jobs to do to guide them through these last stages of the season.

I hope that this note helps clarify and eliminate confusion on Saturday morning and the State Competition.

The kids will be bringing their uniforms home by Thursday, Nov. 3. 

The uniforms should be cleaned and ship shape for these last two important competitions.  (wash in cold water, dried on cool and turned inside out for ironing a front of the leg crease).  DOWNLOAD CARE INSTRUCTIONS DOCUMENT.

Your child has had their uniform inspected and the EXACT pieces assigned to them back in August is what they NEED to have now.  Please, double check that the label on the garment bag matches the labels in their uniforms.  This is VERY IMPORTANT as there has been much confusion with kids switching uniforms and then being very stressed over missing articles.  This is especially difficult on them before an important show and something to be avoided.

The kids will need to show up at the high school by 7am Saturday morning in full uniform (minus the Shako, which they will pick up once at school).

If you notice any discrepancy, please notify me before Saturday morning.

Again, to clarify, each child needs to have THEIR OWN SPECIFICALLY ASSIGNED UNIFORM PIECES…..

BIBS (pants)
2 GAUNTLETS (unless in pit)
BLACK GLOVES (unless in pit/battery)
BLACK SHOES (please clean these with Windex, do NOT polish)
AND A SHAKO OR BERET (which stays at the school)

Also, remember that the kids will be returning to the high school approximately 1pm Saturday afternoon.  Arrangements must be made for their pickup from the school. 

If you are planning to bring your child home and they are not to ride the bus…. they MUST be checked out with the Chaperone’s AT THE BUSES near Ford Field….we can not have parents taking them from inside the Stadium.  THE CHAPERONE’S will assume that they are to be on the bus unless a parent is AT the bus to make other arrangements.  Please Do Not take them without the proper arrangements made with the chaperone’s as it will hold up the entire group. (Not to mention scare the b-geebers out of the chaperone!)


Ford Field is an amazing venue and this is going to be a wonderful performance.  We can all be super proud of our kids, performing there is quite an accomplishment.  And to realize that they will then move on to Lucas Oil Stadium is Fabulous.  This achievement is really monumental (the place is gigantic and the groups awesome).

I thank all of you for the support and effort that has been put forth this season.  The success of this organization is completely a product of all of the Directors’, kids’ and parents’ hard work.   And we can proudly say that we have been successful.  I hope that we all savor these last few moments and enjoy the memories being made.

I am personally honored to have been able to participate.

Thank you and Best of Luck to our Band.

Your President,

Jacqueline Goldstein