Hello everyone,

This message includes very important information including tomorrow’s rehearsal schedule (1/4/14) as well as a rough plan for next weekend in our debut performance in Flushing at the Michigan colorguard circuit’s Field Day (1/11/14)

Saturday, Jan. 4. 2014
Location: West Bloomfield high school. Please enter through the front doors and meet in the lobby. Please be early!

10:00am -12:30pm: warm-up, review staging, begin filling.
12:30pm Р1:15pm: lunch break  BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH
1:15pm – 5:00pm: continue staging/filling choreography

We ask that all students wear black.

We will spend Monday and Thursday evening rehearsals reviewing work that is learned Saturday to make sure we are good to go for field day!

Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014
Morning rehearsal (location TBA)
Arrive/ set up: 8:00
Rehearsal begins: 8:30
Pack and load: 11:00
Depart rehearsal site: 11:30
Arrive at Flushing: 1:00
Formal warmup: 2:03
Perform: 2:32

We perform first in the Scholastic AA class. Students should bring cash for food/snacks on their own after we perform. After the AA class has concluded, we ask that all students return to the performance gym to watch scholastic a, independent a, collegiate, and independent open class competition. This will be a great opportunity for our team to experience the hard-working efforts of other teams.

Uniform for field day: all black top and bottom. No labels, writing, graphics, etc. clothing should be school appropriate, no halter tops, tank tops or spaghetti straps.

Leggings, yoga pants, V-neck T-shirts, longsleeved T-shirts, are all appropriate items to wear as a costume for field day! We are asking that all students wear their field day costume to rehearsal on Thursday for approval!

Parent volunteers: as we embark on our performance debut, we will need the help of several parents to make these competitions a success. If you own a mini van, SUV, truck, or trailer, and would be willing to transport our floor, flags/rifles, and students, please send me a private message or email me. We will need all drivers to report to the rehearsal site at the appropriate loading time, drive to and from the competition and be willing to drop off the equipment after the competition has concluded.

We could also use the help of parents to provide water, a healthy snack for before or after the performance in our homeroom, cheering in the stands, and just a general source of confidence for our wonderful performers.

This is a very exciting time as it all comes together! Please stay warm, healthy and I will see you all soon!