Who: All WB Band Parents
Where: WBHS Media Center
When: Tuesday, June 7, 7:00pm
What: This is our annual meeting. Please be sure to attend and have your vote counted! We will be voting on next year’s budget and next year’s BBAWB Board of Directors.

As of June 6, 2016, the nominees for the 2016-2017 BBAWB Board of Directors are:
President: Christine Karow

Vice President: Scott Hobart

Treasurer(s): TBD

Student Account Treasurer: Steve Bologna

Secretary: Mani Ravindran


Please CLICK HERE to review the proposed 2016-2017 Budget.
Other meeting highlights include:
– Turn in your completed Marching Band registration forms
– Pick up a set of Marching Band registration forms
If you are a marching band parent, your June payment is due no later than June 15. Plan to make your payment at the Parent Meeting. Cash, Check and Credit Cards are all accepted.
– We will also be discussing Marching Band rehearsals, schedules and camp.  You don’t want to miss this important information!
– We will highlight committee positions and volunteer opportunities.  This is such a great way to get “plugged-in” and meet other members of our band family.  Come see what opportunities are available!

The minutes from our last Parent Meeting on May 3rd are attached.

Hope to see you all there!  The agenda is below:

  1. Call to Order/Introduce Board (for new parents) – Christine Karow
  2. Approval of Minutes from May 3, 2016 meeting
  3. Director Update
    1. Marching Band – recruiting; music; upcoming events/activities
      • i. Upcoming deadlines – physicals, registration, etc.
      • ii. Questions and Discussion
    2. Parent Code of Conduct
  4. Vice President Update
    1. Fundraisers: Tag Day, “Spring Swing,” BD’s Mongolian Grill
    2. Upcoming Fundraisers:
    3. Tiger Game fundraiser (Kirstin Watkins-White (chair))
  5. Treasurer Update
    1. 2016-2017 Budget Presentation and Approval
  6. Student Account Treasurer Update
  7. Secretary Update
  8. New Board for 2016-2017 – slate to be voted on:
    1. President: Christine Karow
    2. Vice President: Scott Hobart
    3. Treasurer(s): TBD
    4. Student Account Treasurer: Steve Bologna
    5. Secretary: Mani Ravindran
  9. Other Announcements, Questions, Discussion
  10. Adjourn
    1. Last Day of School: Friday, June 17
    2. Marching Band Mini Camp (full band): June 17 12-4pm
    3. Next parent meeting: Tuesday July 5, 2016
    4. Next board meeting: TBD