Who:  All WB Band Parents
Where:  WBHS Media Center
When:  Tuesday, May 6, 7:00pm
What:  Agenda items include:  A discussion of marching band costs, presentation of the 2014-2015 budget, program updates from the directors and nominations for next year’s board positions (see descriptions below).  Attached to this email is the full agenda.

If you are a marching band parent, your 2nd payment of $175 is due tomorrow.  Plan to make your payment at the Parent Meeting.  Cash, Check and Credit Cards are all excepted.

Board position voting will take place at our Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 3 at 7pm.  Please mark your calendars!

Click HERE to view the minutes from our last Parent Meeting on March 4th.

Hope to see you all there!  The agenda is attached.

Below you will see the job descriptions of the Board positions.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or contact Mary Ingweiller at

Band Booster Association of West Bloomfield (BBAWB) Board Positions


* Promote a positive and supportive environment for the band booster organization. Work closely with the band director on achieving positive educational goals for all band activities. Oversee all operations of BBAWB.  Preside over and create agendas for all Association meetings. Lead board meetings and run BBAWB general meetings. Oversee and/or delegate all band booster activities. Oversee the coordination of booster activities with parents, students, band director and school administration. Be a liaison for the band program, band director and booster group.


* Assist the president with decision making regarding recruiting, fundraising, scheduling, budgets, school and band student issues, band director issues, and help with any committees. Lead, coordinate or create communications, flyers and advertisements as needed to support band and booster efforts. Stand in and assume the roles of the President in case of condition that may prevent the President from serving their duties. Attend board meetings and BBAWB meetings.

Primary Account Treasurer

* Keep track of all expenses and income and record in ledger–balance primary account monthly.

* Coordinate and issue checks for authorized expenditures with the Band Director and Board members. Work closely with Student Account Treasurer to ensure accurate accounting of Fund Raising Deposits. Prepare annual income tax filings to maintain non-profit status. Attend board meetings and BBAWB meetings and report monthly on the financial state of the organization. Monitor and communicate performance to Budget.

Student Account Treasurer

* Keep track of all student account balances accounts. Credit individual student accounts with appropriate portion of income earned from Kroger and Grocery Scrips Monthly, and any other fund raisers will be on a monthly basis/per event basis. (50/50 split or a 75/25 split as appropriate).  Work closely with Primary Account treasurer to endure accurate accounting of fund raising deposits. Coordinate debit of and transfer of funds from Student Accounts to General Account or issue check(s) for authorized expenses.

* Subcommittee Chairs directly reporting: Fundraising Chairperson & GLS Scrip Chairperson. Attend board meetings and BBAWB meetings. Report student account balances quarterly.


* Record minutes of the board and monthly meetings. Maintain e-mail and contact information on all band families. Send out e-mail notices for meetings and important events. Assist with any communication needed for board or committees. Coordinate mailing communications to middle school band students & parents. Coordinate with other board members for communication to Channel 19 and other school and district publication sources about Band activities and accomplishments. Maintain official versions of pertinent booster documents (e.g. Band Handbook).