Saturday is the first ‘performance’ for the 2011 Marching Band !!

Questioning why it says “Field Day” rather than invitational?

What is an invitational?
Where can I see who is performing?
Where can I see scores?
Why will they not receive scores?
Why are the judges running on the field?
What if it rains?
When does the show start/end?

If you have thought about any of these questions or have more than stop by this Saturday morning at Drop Off (kids should be there by 8:45am) for our MEET & GREET!


This is a great opportunity to hear more about this amazing program in which your child is participating and to ask those questions or hear what others are asking! Our veteran parents are more than happy to share their knowledge (and stories)!

Hope to see you there! (If you can’t make it, don’t hesitate to send an email along as well!)

This Saturday, the WB Marching Band will participate in the Michigan Competing Band Association (MCBA) Field Day which is the warm-up/kickoff event to the marching band competitive season.

Field Day serves two purposes:

• Field Day provides educational feedback to bands before the season starts
• field Day provides an opportunity for judges to “warm up” and refresh their judging techniques/knowledge

Field Day Basic Format:

• Each band will be allocated a minimum of 30 minutes (amount of time is dependent upon the number of participating bands)
• During the time, the band will perform as much show as desired, break into groups and meet with caption judges, reset and perform again after feedback
• Judge commentary will be recorded on DVRs and given to the director via USB MP3 players (directors need to remember to bring those)


1000 Lafayette St., South Lyon, MI 48178