Good Morning,

I want to thank everyone for turning in paperwork to join marching band.  This is a general email to everyone with a few reminders.

1) All physicals need to be done after April 15, 2016. Any physicals that may be on file at any school that were done before April 15, 2016 can not be accepted for Marching Band for the Fall. If you have a physical on file AFTER April 15, 2016, I will need a copy of the completed form.

2) All physicals and pink medications sheets MUST BE signed by a physician.

3) All physicals have to have BOTH sides filled out. One is for the doctor and one if for the parents to complete.

4) I understand about insurance and once a year physicals. Remember there is a physical being help June 1 for the athletics department. If you go to this clinic, you MUST get a copy of the physical to turn in for the band's records.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions please email me at either address below.

Anne Marie Collier-Miller