Wow, has it been a busy, exciting week! Thanks for being flexible as new information becomes available.


Friday Football Frenzy – This came up just today. WBHS has won the opportunity to host a pep rally to be televised on Local 4 tomorrow morning. This is most likely a once-in-a-high-school-career event. Our fantastic Battery are essential to the festivities, and need to report at 4:15 am. The rest of the band will add greatly to our presentation, but are not required to participate. All who wish to participate should report in full uniform (no Shakos) at 4:30 am. Local 4 goes on the air at 5:00am and broadcasts until 7:00am. The reporters will broadcast live at various times throughout those hours. It’s gonna be great!


Friday Football vs. Farmington Hills HarrisonSENIOR NIGHT. The class of 2016 and their parents will be recognized during half time. Please join us as we celebrate. Seniors (or parents), please email Mr. Mielens and let him know if you can attend, and the first and last names of the parents/guardians/mentors who will accompany you.

Our seniors are:

Joseph Boyle
Brendan Brice
Heather Haely
Madeline Kaufman
Ruby Kim
Andrew McDonald
Ian McDonald
Sanay Mohile
Lilianne Pukhramban
Jeremy Ratinaud
Hershal Satam

Full band – Report time in uniform, 5:30pm


Saturday – Clarkson Invitational

Great news! We have a small number of discount tickets available for admission at the Clarkston show. We will be selling them for $6.00 (please bring exact cash or check to BBAWB) See Natalie Walls at WBHS on Saturday between 3:00pm – 5:45pm.


12:00 Rehearsal

3:00 Lunch Donations delivered ready to serve. Lunch helpers set up

4:15 Eat/change in to uniforms – LOAD TRUCK

5:45 Depart WBHS

6:20 Arrive at Clarkston, unload truck/visual warm up

7:05 Music Warm up

8:00 Perform “Venezia”

8:15 Load truck/return to stands

9:30 Awards

10:15 Depart Clarkston

10:45 Arrive WBHS.. PLEASE – NO CAR HORNS! Lights are okay.


FEED THE BAND – Clarkston Invitational

As we head into our four-week competition stretch, it is time for our Pasta Bar! With this bar,


Items need to be brought in hot and ready to serve. If you need to deliver a crockpot before dinner, there are a few outlets in the cafeteria, on the counter behind the food line. A few more people are needed to help serve, because this meal can get a little messy when the kids serve themselves.

And as with all feed the band events, please mark all dishes/ crockpots/ serving utensils with your name so we may return your items to you. If you donate something and would like the leftovers returned, please mark that with your name also.

Any questions, Kirsten Watkins-White’s email link is on the Signup Genius Page.


This is going to be a great weekend! Get some sleep now! And GO LAKERS!