Here’s the latest – things are happening fast! A few things to remind or announce before Saturday’s Invitational…

The competition will be held at

Lakeland High School

1630 Bogie Lake Rd

White Lake, MI 48383



Saturday’s Schedule:

9am – Color Guard reports

10am-1pm-Rehearsal – full band. Marchers in Dinkles and Shakos

12:00 noon – Parent volunteers begin preparing for lunch

12:45pm – Parent volunteers deliver lunch items ready-to-serve

1pm-Load truck/Eat/Change

2:30pm-Depart WBHS

3pm-Arrive at Lakeland. Unload truck/bathrooms/warm up (warm ups are not timed at Lakeland)

5:15pm-Perform “Rise and Fall”

5:30pm-Return to truck-Reload truck

6:30pm-Flight IV, III, and I Awards (Flight II goes on at night)

7pm-Depart Lakeland

7:30pm-Arrive at WBHS/Dismiss


Discount Tickets

A small number of reduced price tickets ($6 instead of $8) are available. See Mary Ingweiller on Saturday with cash in the exact amount or checks made payable to BBAWB.


Feed the Band

This Saturday is our last Feed the Band meal. This week, we are doing a very popular meal, a baked potato bar with soup, to hopefully help warm the kids up before they head outside to perform. There are still a few things we need, please check the list and sign up for what you can provide.
Instead of asking for you to make or buy treats for dessert, I am ordering two celebratory cakes, one with ‘RISE AND FALL’ on it, and on that says “Good Luck At State Finals’. I can really use donations towards this. Your contribution can be given to me on Saturday. I will be there at least by 12pm, I am asking for the food to be delivered no later than 12:45pm.
Lets send them off fed, warm, and happy!

~Kirstin Watkins-White


Band photos

Individual and group photos of the marching band were taken this past Tuesday. Call Visual Sports Network directly at 248-355-9522 as soon as possible to place an order.


Band Banquet November 10

The Marching Band Banquet is coming up, a joyful celebration of a magnificent season. Responses must be delivered to the Band Boosters mailbox in the WBHS band room by October 30. A copy of the response card is attached to this email.


Yankee Candle Fundraiser

The entire band program – middle school, high school, marching band – are participating in a fundraiser offering Yankee Candles this fall. Packets were/are being distributed this week. Orders are to be taken ONLY Oct 24 – Nov 7 (orders must be turned in no later than Nov 7), and products will be delivered 2-4 weeks later. Collect money at the time of the order. Checks should be payable to BBAWB.

Also, an online shopping option allows friends and family anywhere to take advantage of these wonderful products.   See the packet for details. Please do your best – the band really needs the funds raised through this sale.


Paper Plates

The band has a tradition of creating awards for members in the form of decorated paper plates. Seniors make them for underclassmen, Section Leaders make them for section members, and parents and friends make them for band members. Let’s completely fill the walls of the WBHS band room with paper plates celebrating every band member, staff member, inside joke, special friendship (but PDA? No Way!), volunteer…. The plates are already going up. Make yours and tape it to the wall soon, while the space lasts!


Shoe- Shining Dinkles

Volunteers are requested to clean and condition the marching shoes from 3:30 – 6:30pm on October 30, during the last rehearsal before State Finals.   Materials and instructions are supplied, the job is quick, and the results are extraordinary in the appearance of our band at their most important show. If you can help, email Natalie Walls at



Questions? Email