Mini Camp Reminders

June 12-13, 2014


Arrive for practice no later than 8:45am (practice will begin at 9am)
Lunch 12-1 (remember no one can leave campus during practice so bring your lunch)
Practice Ends 4pm (students will not be dismissed until all instruments and equipment are put away)
Items to wear
School appropriate attire
  • no spaghetti top tank tops (width of strap must be 2-3 finger lengths)
  • mid-drifts must be covered
  • Shorts must come to the tip of your fingers
  • Shirts must be worn
  • Shorts must be worn at your waist
  • Socks and athletic shoes (no flip flops)
Items to bring
  • A Good Attitude
  • Water jug at least 2 quarts large (water bottles will not get them through the day)
  • Lunch (there is no refrigeration so bring it in a cooler or prepare something that can be out in the heat all day)
  • SUNSCREEN (please come wearing sunscreen however you will need to reapply during the day)
Remember personal items will not be secured (everyone leaves items in their backpack either in the band room or on the sidelines of the field WBHS and BBAWB are not responsible for lost or stolen items