Below is the schedule for Saturday’s Bands of America regional competition at the Pontiac Silverdome.  Click HERE for more information about the competition and the day’s schedule at the Silverdome.
Lunch:  subs, chips, pop and a dessert
Dinner:  pizza, salad and cookies

Instead of food donations this week,  we are asking for each marching band member to donate $10 toward the cost of the food for the day.  Please place it in  the BBAWB mailbox (in the band room) with your name on it and addressed to Lenora Flores.  We need this money ASAP preferably no later than Thursday.  Thanks

8:00am-Report to band room/change into uniforms
8:15am-Visualization run through of show
8:30am-Depart for Pontiac
8:50am-Arrive at Silverdome/Unload truck
~9:20am-Visual warm up
9:55-Music warm up
11:00-Prelim performance of “That’s a Stretch”
11:30-Return to buses and truck
12:00-Depart for West Bloomfield
1:30-Rehearsal (while we wait to hear our placement)
4:30-End rehearsal/dinner (at this point we should know if we made finals)
If we make finals, we will be returning to Pontiac between 5:30 and 6. We would be returning to West Bloomfield around midnight.  If we do not make finals, we will be dismissing from the high school after dinner.