Here are a few reminders regarding this week’s schedule (week of 10/15/12):
1.  The marching band will be rehearsing on Wednesday. Rehearsal will begin at 3pm, and will end at 5:30pm.
2.  The WB Marching Band IS performing at the PRISM Concert. After rehearsal ends at 5:30 on Wednesday, students will have an hour to eat, and change into their uniforms. Food will not be provided. Students will report to the band room in uniform at 6:30pm. The concert begins at 7pm, and the marching band will perform first. All non-concert ensemble students will be dismissed after marching band performs.
3.  Here is the itinerary for Saturday 10/20:
1pm- Rehearsal at WBHS
4pm- Dinner/Change into uniforms
5pm- Depart for Clarkston HS
5:45pm- Arrive at Clarkston
6:15pm- Visual warm-up
6:35pm- Music warm-up
7:30pm- Perform “That’s A Stretch”
7:45pm- Reload truck/watch other bands
9:30pm- Awards
10:15pm- Depart for WBHS
11:00pm- Arrive at WBHS and dismiss
Thank you!
Mr. Mielens and Mr. Stein
Co-Directors of Bands