We in the final stretch of the season. We have been making some adjustments to the menu and hopefully it doesn’t inconvenience anyone.

This week we will have soup and baked potatoes. I am using the sign up sheet from Ocotber 6, so let me know if you can’t do it.

Please respond to LonoraSF@hotmail.com not to the band email.


shredded cheese 5lbs. Fran Bell

salsa 32oz. ssanthi1@yahoo.com

chicken noodle soup (serving for 10) Margueritte DeBello

Vegitarian soup (for 10) Cath Podell

Chili (for 10) Cindy Semroa

Chili (for 10) Irene Liu

Chili (for 10) Beverly Thomas

9 oz cups 100/pkg Kirstin Watkins-White

baby carrots 2lbs Amenia Norris

baby carrots 2lbs Lucky Rajagopal

celery sticks 2lbs Shoswana Rubuskin

celery sticks 2lbsssanthi1@yahoo.com

Desserts-the Verbensky


What we will need:


Turkey ham cubed 48 oz

cooked bacon, chopped 480z

5 people- baked potatoes 20 (20lbs)

2 people- Chicken noodle soup for 10

2 people- Vegitarian soup for 10

chili soup for 10

4 people- powdered beverage mix 32 servings

2-Veggie dip 16 oz ranch

2- veggie dip 16 oz tex-mex

2- veggie dip 16 oz french onion


Thanks for everyone’s help so far. We will send out information for states when we will order subs.


Your Friendly Feed the Band chairs.