Band of America Nationals

Download these important documents: BOA Itinerary and BOA Packing List

Please arrive to the HS at 6:00 a.m. this Thursday.  Please note that we are on a very tight schedule and will be pulling out at 6:30 SHARP. The itinerary and suggested packing list is attached.

  • We will not be eating until noon on Thursday, so please be sure to bring food or a snack for the bus ride.
  • Any medications must be labeled with your child’s name in its original packaging.  Mrs. Fritz will be collecting all prescriptiona as well as any over the counter medication your child may need.
  • The band members will have time on Thursday night to shop for patches, t-shirts, etc. in the stadium. Thursday is the best day to do this since they often run out of patches. Students will need to bring extra cash for this.
  • Anybody leaving their car at the high school while we are at Nationals, must park in the lot where we keep the trailer. You MUST provide your make, model and license plate number to Beth French (email address below)  prior to the event so that we may let the high school and police department know.
  • Students, chaperones, parents, staff;  if you have not given your food preference for the meals we are pre-ordering, please email Beth French ( with your selections for each meal (students did this yesterday).   Choices are as follows: FRI Sandwich: Roast Beef, Turkey or Veggie, SAT Wrap: Roast Beef, Turkey or Veggie, SAT Cookout: Hot Dog, Hamburger or Boca burger
  • For any parents that plan to watch us practice at Rancalli High School on Thursday, we would appreciate any help with the uniforms, hair/make-up and loading the truck.
  • Because we are going directly to the practice field, students should be ready to practice on Thursday without going into their luggage.
  • Please label luggage and don’t bring too many bags.
  • As a reminder: the school code of conduct applies on this trip. Students found in possession of tobacco products, alcohol, or other controlled substances will be immediately dismissed and their parents will be required to pick them up. Further disciplinary action will be taken as deemed as necessary by the band directors and administration in accordance with school board policy.

Mary Johnston’s cell phone number is (248) 804-6021 if you need to reach us for any reason.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we look forward to a GREAT TRIP!

Ruth Richards
Beth French
Mary Johnston