Dear Seniors and Parents/Guardians,

To the best of my knowledge this is a guideline of what you may expect at tonight’s football game where seniors are recognized:

During half time all seniors and their parents/guardians will be asked to go onto the track in front of the bleachers, line up in alphabetical order, (football players, marching band/guard, cheerleaders and pom pom squad).  Students should plan to bring their instruments/flags with them while they stand with their parents, setting them on the ground behind them while the names are announced. As each family is announced those being recognized will step forward.

As soon as the names are completely announced the band will begin the half time show.  So our students will need to respectfully leave the line and join the band on the field while other names are being announced. All parents should remain on the track until announcing is complete for all groups.

Thanks for attending and congratulations on achieving this milestone.
Below you will see the line up of names to use as our alphabetized guide.

See you at the game.

Hannah Bailey
Marissa Beatty
Katie Bortolotti
John Boruta
Calvin Boyd
Justin Bronstein
Luke Cassar
Ryan Eaton
Scott Ebert
Waverly Ferguson
Ally Fogarasi
Marissa and Megan French
Alec and Anthony Fritz
Ben Goldstein
Zachary Helm
Nathan Jax
Courtney Joranstad
Hannah Kleimola
Lauren Klemz
Charlotte Langford
Daniel Lau
Colton Liepshutz
Harrison Mateika
Paul Mayer
Emily Salzeider
Arbari Swindell
Kiara Wallace
Alex Weiss
Hannah and Karl Wittkopp