State Finals Schedule – Saturday, November 3, 2012

9:00 am- Morning Rehearsal
11:00 am- Lunch break on your own
12:00 pm- Afternoon rehearsal
3:30 pm- Dinner/Change into uniforms
4:50 pm- Load busses
5:00 pm- Depart WBHS
5:45 pm- arrive/unload truck
6:00 pm- outdoor warm up
6:45 pm- indoor warm up
7:30 pm- Perform
7:45 pm- Pictures/watch other bands
10:30 pm- Flight I Awards
11:00 pm- Depart Ford Field
11:40 pm- Arrive at WBHS and dismiss

Click HERE for information about Ford Field, parking, ticket prices, spectator schedule, and more.

Volunteer Reminder:  Please remember we are counting on all parents showing up for the shifts that have been assigned for Ford Field.  We do not have extra parents to fill in.

Tickets:  State finals is CASH only for tickets for entry.  Cost is $16 per person and $6 for parking.

Student Release at Ford Field:  Parents  have previously wanted to take their kids from the performance at Ford Field directly. For safety we ask that you do the following.  You must sign out your child with Mrs. DeBello  only.   This allows us to keep an accurate headcount without losing anyone.  The place will be determined later this week.  The kids will be performing during the last flight which is after 7:30 pm.  They will have practice and a meal and then proceed to Ford Field.  Watch for the detailed itinerary as soon as we receive our time to play.

Paper Plate Awards:  The parents also have a  tradition of paper plate best wishes for our band.  Bring your paper plate prior to Friday so we can decorate our band room and wish our kids good luck.

Marching Band Banquet:  The banquet is next Sunday,  if you have not paid or responded please do so as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at State Finals and at the Band Banquet.
Thank you!