Here is a quick update from John Boruta on the Tuba Mission:

“Thank you to those who have contributed – you know who you are and our tuba players really appreciate it, as will the rest of our band!

Think: One Band, One Sound……from that movie Drumline

So WHY am I doing this?  A few weeks ago I was at one of our practices and Ally F was sitting on the floor with her Tuba in two pieces and she had a roll of duct tape trying to put the Tuba together. Wow. That’s just not right. So I am trying to keep our great kids sounding great this year!  It’s tough with the Tuba’s we have right now.

Thank you to those that are reaching out to others for contributions……..helping us help our band program!”

We are on our way………anyone who is ready add to our total, please let Mr B. know (John Boruta 248-408-8100,

Remember we are a 501c3 (all donations are charitable from a tax perspective)

Go WB!