Dear Band Family,

Hope you all enjoying the weekend off without any competition and thank you for all the student and parents volunteered for Tag Day in Plum market and Busch and Quarter Drive. It was a great success. THANK YOU to the Percussion and Guard students who walked several miles through neighborhoods collecting change and bottles/cans, and to the parent volunteers who kept an eye on them. Thanks also to Chris Vilag and Jake Noss for holding down the fort at WBHS and feeding the kids!

A few Updates:

Ford Field Waiver Form:

Click HERE to print a Ford Field Waiver form for the students. This is a form that has to be turned in to Ford Field for the November competition. If you could please print and sign this form and return it to me by 10/17, I would appreciate it.  I need every student to have a form completed.

If you are an adult that will be helping with the pit crew, please contact me so I can send you the form you have to sign.

Any questions, please contact here.

Anne Marie Collier-Miller

Pit Crew Parents: Some new volunteers have expressed interest in purchasing a Pit Crew t-shirt. The shirts can be ordered for a price of $15.25 each, with a minimum order quantity of 12 shirts. If you are new to Pit Crew this year, or do not yet have a shirt, please let me know if you’d like to purchase one. If there is enough interest, we will proceed with an order. Thanks! ~ Cathy Gimby

Band Parents: We still need 2 chaperones for Clarkston (1 for each bus), one for Lakeland (Boys Bus) and one for Ford Field (Boys Bus). If you are already volunteering for Pit Crew, you cannot also chaperone the band at the invitationals. Please contact Mary Webster for details. Thank you!


Returnable Containers:

We have the big returnable containers placed around the school; So you can start bringing your returnable to band or drop it off in this containers any time. 100% benefit goes to the band. Thank you!

New Design/Marching Jacket T-Shirts Order:

Here is a link to the order form for the Marching Jacket T-shirts that were worn by the middle schoolers in the Homecoming Parade.

These make great gifts for WBHS Marching Band alumni!

Thank you for supporting West Bloomfield Bands!  ”

UPCOMING SCHEDULE (next 2 weeks)

Monday, October 17 – 3:30pm – Prism Dress Rehearsal

Tuesday, October 18 – 3:30pm – Marching Band Rehearsal

Wednesday, October 19 – 3:00pm – Marching Band Rehearsal

7:00pm –  Prism Concert (Feed the Band – Signup Genius posted)

Click here:

Thursday, October 20 -3:30pm – Marching Band Rehearsal

4:00pm – Crispelli’s Fundraiser (Please come and support us!)

7:00pm – Abbott 7th & 8th Grade Concert

Friday, October 21 -5:30pm – Football Game (vs. Farmington High School)

Saturday, October 22 – Marching Band MCBA – Clarkston

Clarkston Schedule (10/22/2016)

11:30am Rehearsal
2:45pm Final Run through with parents
3:00pm Load Truck
3:15pm Eat/Change into uniform
4:45pm Depart WBHS
5:30pm Arrive at Clarkston/Unload truck/Visual warm up
6:50pm Music Warm up
7:20pm Move from warm up to field
7:45pm Perform “Glass Half Full”
8:00pm Load Truck/Watch other bands
9:45pm Awards
10:15pm Depart Clarkston
10:45pm Arrive at WBHS and dismiss

Tuesday, October 25 – 3:30pm – Marching Band Rehearsal

7:00pm –  BBAWB Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 26 – 3:30pm – Marching Band Rehearsal

Thursday, October 27 – 3:30pm –  Marching Band Rehearsal

Saturday, October 29 –  Marching Band MCBA – Lakeland

MSBOA All-State Auditions

Sunday, October 30 –  MSBOA All-State Auditions

full calendar

Ford Field Form due 10/17/2016 – There are still few didn’t turn in their forms.

Next Board Meeting 10/22/2016

Next Parent Meeting 11/1/2016



Every purchase brings a rebate, and 60% goes to the student’s points account, while 40% goes toward instruments, sectional instruction, music program scholarships, equipment purchase, and other initiatives supported by the Band Boosters.  Go to and order SCRIP (gift cards).  The rewards for every purchase add up! And the more people who participate, the faster the rewards grow. Questions about how it works?  Please contact Marci Grossman. Of course, if you don’t want to buy scrip, you can always just make a donation to the band. The benefits of being a 501(c)3: A donation is tax deductible.