Dear Band Family,

Congratulations WB band, our first competition of the season went very well on Saturday Oct 1 in Toledo with Gorgeous Weather. Thank you for Pit Crew, Camera/Video Crew, Meal Coordinator, Chaperones, Program Coordinator and all kinds of Volunteers. We couldn’t have done it without you all.

Here are the results:

Music individual 13th
Music ensemble 17th
Music overall 16th

Visual individual 19th
Visual ensemble 16th
Visual overall 19th

Music ge 17th
Visual ge 15th
Overall ge 17th

A few Updates:

Don’t forget Tuesday is a Parent’s meeting in icenter, WBHS at 7pm.


Returnable Containers:

We have the big returnable containers placed around the school; So you can start bringing your returnable to band or drop it off in this containers any time. 100% benefit goes to the band. Thank you!

Sep/Oct Special: Dutch Mill bulbs fundraising

We are asking you to help the Band Boosters Association of West Bloomfield as we raise money for new concert band uniforms at the middle schools and WBHS!  Our existing uniforms were purchased years ago, and, while they remain mostly in good repair, they are showing signs of age.  New uniforms will improve and enhance our students’ overall band experience.  I’m hoping you can help!

To help us achieve our goal, we are working with Dutch Mill Bulbs.  The BBAWB will earn 50% profit on every sale.  We are asking each student in our curricular and extracurricular band programs to sell 10 items from the attached catalog, which will result in approximately $40 per student in profit to the BBAWB.  With 300+ students in the Band programs in West Bloomfield, this sale could potentially raise over $12,000!

There are two ways to purchase bulbs:

1)   Order from the attached catalog.  Please fill in the information as completely as possible. You can pay with cash, or by check (make checks payable to BBAWB).

2)   Order online through our secure website! The link is below.  If you are typing the link into your computer, please enter all of the below information in the URL field (starting with http://).

Ordering online is easy! Make your selections, provide billing and shipping information, and choose a secure method of payment (credit card or PayPal).  A shipping fee of $6.00 will be applied to orders 24 packages or less, free shipping on orders 25 packages or more.  Items you select will be sent directly to the shipping address you provide.  Items will be shipped Ground and will arrive within 1-2 weeks.

The paper catalog sale runs from September 26 through October 14!  The website will remain open for online ordering through December 1st.

Questions? Please contact us at .


Kroger Community Rewards

Earn Money by Shopping at Kroger and swiping your Plus Card


New Design/Marching Jacket T-Shirts Order:

Here is a link to the order form for the Marching Jacket T-shirts that were worn by the middle schoolers in the Homecoming Parade.

These make great gifts for WBHS Marching Band alumni!

Thank you for supporting West Bloomfield Bands!  ”

UPCOMING SCHEDULE (next 2 weeks)

Monday, October 3:  No School

Tuesday, October 4 –  3:30pm –  Marching Band Rehearsal

7:00pm – Parent Meeting (Please check the agenda for the meeting attached)

Wednesday, October 5 –  3:30pm –  Marching Band Rehearsal

Thursday, October 6 – 3:30pm –  Marching Band Rehearsal

Saturday, October 8 –  Marching Band MCBA – Livonia Franklin (Details will be enclosed in separate email)


Monday, October 10 – No Practice

Tuesday, October 11- 3:30pm – Marching Band Rehearsal

Wednesday, October 12 –  No School -3:30pm – Marching Band Rehearsal

Thursday, October 13 – 3:30pm – Marching Band Rehearsal

Friday, October 14 – No Practice

full calendar



Every purchase brings a rebate, and 60% goes to the student’s points account, while 40% goes toward instruments, sectional instruction, music program scholarships, equipment purchase, and other initiatives supported by the Band Boosters.  Go to and order SCRIP (gift cards).  The rewards for every purchase add up! And the more people who participate, the faster the rewards grow. Questions about how it works?  Please contact Marci Grossman. Of course, if you don’t want to buy scrip, you can always just make a donation to the band. The benefits of being a 501(c)3: A donation is tax deductible.



Show your Laker Pride!  Go to today!  A portion of every sale goes to West Bloomfield Bands.
EARN MONEY FOR WEST BLOOMFIELD BANDS WITH SMILE.AMAZON.COM.  This is an easy way to get classroom texts or holiday gifts with Amazon’s convenience and competitive prices AND support the bands, at no extra cost to you!  To get started: click HERE to register. Every time you shop, go to