West Bloomfield Bands E-Newsletter: Aug. 27th-Sept. 2nd 2018

Hello West Bloomfield Band families!

On behalf of the entire band family, the BBAWB would like to thank Ruth Richards for organizing another amazing band camp for our students! Band camp could not happen without our chaperones, truck driver, nurses, activity planners, and musical staff. A HUGE thanks goes out to: Noah Dyer, Chris Vilag, Mathew Page, Anne Marie Collier-Miller, Scott Miller, Marguerite DeBello, Sandy Affer, Mary Webster, Kim Potts, Scott Floer, and Christine Long.

Thank you for your time, your care, and your expertise!


· Uniform Fittings

· Dinkles (marching shoes)

· Field Day Volunteers

· New Sponsorship Program

· Parent Meeting

· Save the Date!

· This Week’s Schedule


Christine Long, one of our band parents, will be finishing up uniform fittings for marching band this week. Juniors and seniors will be fitted immediately after rehearsal on Tuesday the 28th, and makeups for all grades will be immediately after rehearsal on Wednesday the 29th. If you are a parent and are free during that time, please consider volunteering to help! We’d greatly appreciate it.


You have the opportunity to purchase your own Dinkles (marching shoes) this year. There will not be a group order. Whether you are a new student or a vet who needs replacements, order DInkles 707 Vanguard shoes in black. Do not buy other styles, brands or colors. Make sure you order in time to receive them by the first home game. Here are three suggested websites for ordering but as long as you stick to the Dinkles style 707 Vanguard in black you can buy from anywhere. Check out these sites:





On Saturday, September 8, 2018, West Bloomfield Bands will be hosting MCBA Field Day. Bands from other schools will come to West Bloomfield High School to perform and we need to provide the work force.

We anticipate needing help from 2pm till 8:30pm, but will not know the schedule until MCBA releases it. Please contact Ruth Richards at richardsbandmom@gmail.com to volunteer. Thank you!


Corporate/Community Sponsorship

As we move into a new season, the BBAWB board has decided to revamp the T-shirt/program ads in the hope of attracting more sponsorship participation. Attached to this newsletter is the new direction with a new name, “Corporate/Community Sponsorship levels.”

There are seven levels of participation ranging from $50-$2,500+ — Piano, Crescendo, Mezzo-piano, Mezzo-forte, Forte, Fortissimo and Fortississimo — with different incentives.

Incentives for the student remain the same — a 50-50 split between the student and band — except for the $2,000-$2,500+ levels. Any sponsorship package sold at the $2,000-and-above level will be capped at $750 for the student with the remainder going into the general band fundraising coffer.

For individuals wanting to place ads in our programs only, please refer to last year’s donation amounts.

The Corporate/Community Sponsorship form can be printed from http://wbbands.info/

So, start selling, and good luck!!!!


Our next parent meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 4th at 7pm at the high school. In case you missed our August meeting, please see the attached August meeting minutes. Thank you!


September Parent Meeting – Tuesday, September 4th 7pm in the HS I-Center

Football Game – (vs Oxford) Fri, September 7th 5:30pm – 10pm

MCBA Field Day – Saturday, September 8th

Football Game – (vs Lake Orion) Fri, September 21st 5:30pm-10pm

MCBA Lake Orion – Saturday, September 22nd

Hazardous Waste Day – Saturday, September 29th 8:30am-2pm

October Parent Meeting – Tuesday, October 2nd at 7pm at the HS I-Center

Football Game – (vs Southfield A&T) Fri, October 5th 5:30pm-10pm

MCBA Livonia Franklin – Saturday, October 13th

Football Game – (vs TBD) Fri, October 19th 5:30pm-10pm

MCBA Lamphere – Saturday, October 20th

MCBA Lakeland – Saturday, October 27th

MCBA State Finals – Saturday, November 3rd

Marching Band Banquet – Sunday, November 11th from 6pm-9:30pm at Glen Oaks Country Club

THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE (Aug. 27th- Sept. 2nd)

The Band Boosters uses Google Calendar. A link to the full calendar can be found on our website. To add BBAWB events to your calendar on your computer or smart phone, click on the “+Google Calendar” icon located at the bottom right of the calendar.

Monday, August 27th:

· Jumpstart makeup for the high school 7am-10:30am

Tuesday, August 28th:

· Marching band rehearsal 5pm-8pm at the HS

· Color Guard rehearsal 6pm-9pm at the HS

· Uniform fittings: juniors & seniors 8pm-9pm

Wednesday, August 29th:

· Marching band rehearsal 5pm-8pm at the HS

· Color Guard rehearsal 6pm-9pm at the HS

· Uniform fittings: makeups 8pm-9pm

Thursday, August 30th:

· BBAWB Board meeting 7pm at the HS

Friday, August 31st:

· Have a great day!

Saturday, September 1st:

· September Band payment is due



Scrips: Earn money for your student account by purchasing scrip! For more information, click here. Scrip Split: 60\% to student accounts: 40\% to WB Boosters. To sign up and learn more, visit the Great Lakes Scrip website.

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