West Bloomfield Bands E-Newsletter: Sept. 17-Sept. 23, 2018


Hello West Bloomfield Band families!



* Show Shirt Orders
* Promotional Table

* Friday Football Pizza

* MCBA Lake Orion Invitational
* Hazardous Waste Day

* Venmo App forOnline Payments
* Student Account Email Issues
* Parent Meeting
* Save the Date!
* This Week’s Schedule


Last day to order!

Click on the link below to place your order. In an effort to receive the shirts in time for our first competition on September 22nd, the final day for accepting orders will be September 17th.
If you have any questions, please email Christina Losey at christinalosey@gmail.com

The BBAWB would like to promote our winter programs at the upcoming Middle School open houses. If you can help out at our table, please let me know.


Orchard Lake Middle School Open House: Monday, September 17th at 6:30pm

Many thanks,
Email Bree at secretary@wbbands.info



Please send $5 with your student this Friday


We will be serving pizza to the band before this Friday’s football game. We are looking for any parents to help serve the pizza. If you can help at 5:00pm, please email Bree at secretary@wbbands.info. Thank you!


Our first Invitational will take place this Saturday, September 22nd


The schedule for the day will be emailed later this week. Regardless of performance time, students should arrive at the high school at 9:00am for rehearsal.


Feed the Band will start with our first Invitational. A BIG thanks to Julia Roth for being our “Feed the Band” Chairperson. Sometime during this week you will receive a sign-up genius for Saturday’s Feed the Band. We will need help with food, drink, supplies, set up, clean up, and serving. The band will be fed prior to leaving for their invitational. Thank you in advance! Be on the lookout for a sign-up soon.


More information will be coming soon for this fundraiser…

We will be looking for students to attend thetownship hazardous waste day. Students will play music while township residents wait in line. Residents offer donations to our band. It’s a great way to showcase the musical talents of our band!

When: Sat, September 29, 8:30am — 2:00pm
Where: West Bloomfield Township Public Library, 4600 Walnut Lake Rd.

After Waste Day Rehearsal — Please note there will be rehearsal on 9/29 from 2:30pm – 8:30pm


VENMO App for Online Payments
New Payment Method: Starting this fall we have added Venmo as a payment method for various band related charges including Registration Fees, Other fees collected centrally (shoes, equipment, etc), Donations, Feed the Band contributions. For the parents interested in using this payment method, our Venmo ID is Treasurer-Bbawb.


If you have any difficulties locating this ID please e-mail: treasurer@wbbands.info.

Please note: this new payment method is in addition to the existing options: Cash, Checks, Credit Card (Processing Fee Applies), Electronic checks and transfers from individual bank accounts and Paypal (Processing Fee Applies).

If you have tried to log into your student’s account in Charms and have had issues, please let me know. Student IDs may need to be checked and re-entered. Please email Bree at secretary@wbbands.info

Our next parent meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 3rd at 7pm in the high school I-Center. Please note the change to Wednesday for this meeting.



Hazardous Waste Day — Saturday, September 29th 8:30am-2pm. Rehearsal 2:30pm-8:30pm

October Parent Meeting — Wednesday, October 3rd at 7pm at the HS I-Center

Football Game — (vs Southfield A&T) Fri, October 5th 5:30pm-10pm

MCBA Livonia Franklin — Saturday, October 13th

Football Game — (vs TBD) Fri, October 19th 5:30pm-10pm

MCBA Lamphere — Saturday, October 20th

MCBA Lakeland — Saturday, October 27th

MCBA State Finals — Saturday, November 3rd

Marching Band Banquet — Sunday, November 11th from 6pm-9:30pm at Glen Oaks Country Club

THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE (9/17 – 9/23)
The Band Boosters uses Google Calendar.  A link to the full calendar can be found on our website. To add BBAWB events to your calendar on your computer or smart phone, click on the “+Google Calendar” icon located at the bottom right of the calendar.

Monday, Sept. 17th:
* Final day for shirt orders

* OLMS Open House 6:30pm

Tuesday, Sept. 18th:
* Marching Band rehearsal 5:30pm-8:30pm at the HS

Wednesday, Sept. 19th:
* No school

Thursday, Sept. 20th:
* Marching Band rehearsal 5:30pm-8:30pm at the HS

Friday, Sept. 21st:
*  Rehearsal: 3:30pm – 5:00pm / Dinner Break: 5pm – 6:15pm / Warm Up: 6:15pm / Football Game: 7:00pm


Saturday, Sept. 22nd:

* MCBA Lake Orion Invitational – Rehearsal 9:00am at the HS

Scrips: Earn money for your student account by purchasing scrip!  For more information, click here. Scrip Split: 60\\% to student accounts: 40\\% to WB Boosters. To sign up and learn more, visit the Great Lakes Scrip website.
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