West Bloomfield Bands Newsletter – Week of July 27, 2014


Dear Band Family,


Power outages caused by yesterday’s storm delayed the weekly newsletter.  I was with the Marching Band Class of 2015 at Camp Copneconic yesterday, enjoying the high-ropes course and zip lines, as well as some team- and leadership- building games.  It’s a great group leading the band this year.  We were just finishing for the day when the storm came through.

Full Band rehearsals begin Thursday!  The new members have shown great progress, and the veterans who have been attending have been working on marching skills.

Remember, the following forms must be in our hands for your students to practice:

1.      Medical forms HERE and HERE

2.      “Count Me In ” Registration Form HERE

3.      Policies for Membership HERE

If you will miss rehearsals for any reason, email me and let me know the reason and when you will return.

Go Lakers!


Chad Mielens

Director of Bands, West Bloomfield High School

UPCOMING SCHEDULE (next 2 weeks)

Monday, 7/28:  New Member Rehearsal, 9am – 12pm
Monday, 7/28:  Color Guard Rehearsal, 9am – 12pm; Weapons Rehearsal, 1pm – 4pm

Monday, 7/28:  Percussion Camp, 9am – 4pm


Tuesday, 7/29: New Member Rehearsal, 9am – 12pm
Tuesday, 7/29:  Color Guard Rehearsal, 9am – 12pm; Weapons Rehearsal, 1pm – 4pm

Tuesday, 7/29:  Percussion Camp, 9am – 4pm


Wednesday, 7/30:  New Member Rehearsal, 9am – 12pm
Wednesday, 7/30:  Color Guard Rehearsal, 9am – 12pm; Weapons Rehearsal, 1pm – 4pm

Wednesday, 7/30:  Percussion Camp, 9am – 4pm


Thursday, 7/31:  Marching Band Rehearsal (Full Band) 9am – 4pm HEALTH FORMS ARE DUE if this is your first rehearsal

Thursday, 7/31:  Parent Meet and Greet 3:30pm.  Meet your fellow band parents.  We are awesome!


Friday, 8/1:  Marching Band Rehearsal (Full Band) 9am – 4pm

Friday, 8/1:  Marching Band fees final payment due.  Students without fees paid in full or a payment plan in place before band camp will not be GOING TO BAND CAMP. 

Friday, 8/1:  Bingo, come on out and play or volunteer to work a shift and earn $30! Click HERE for more information.


Saturday, 8/2:  Car Wash at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church (across from the High School, 12noon – 4pm

Monday, 8/4:  Marching Band Rehearsal (Full Band) 9am – 4pm


Tuesday, 8/5:  Marching Band Rehearsal (Full Band) 9am – 4pm

Tuesday, 8/5: BBAWB Parent Meeting WBHS Band room 7pm


Wednesday, 8/6:  Marching Band Rehearsal (Full Band) 9am – 4pm


Thursday, 8/7:  Marching Band Rehearsal (Full Band) 9am – 4pm


Friday, 8/8:  Marching Band Rehearsal (Full Band) 9am – 4pm

Friday, 8/8: Tag Day at three Hiller’s locations, 5pm – 7pm


Saturday, 8/9: Tag Day at three Hiller’s locations, 9am – 7pm


Sunday, 8/10: Tag Day at three Hiller’s locations, 10am -5pm



full calendar



Show Shirts for Rise and Fall are ready for ordering and they look great!  The order form is attached to this newsletter.  Return with payment to the Boosters mailbox in the WBHS Band Room by FRIDAY AUGUST 1 to have a shirt for the first performance of RISE AND FALL at Band Camp.  Band members wear these to school on special days, or under the uniform at competitions.  Family members wear these at our field Day, and at away competitions.  It really is an essential memento for the marching band season.




All parents are encouraged to come to WBHS at 3:30on Thursday, July 31 to see the tail end of the first full-band rehearsal, and to get acquainted with each other.  Band parents are an essential part of the success of this ensemble.  Get to know the folks you will be cheering with all season long. This is also a great time to get answers for questions you’ve been wondering about.  Refreshments will be served.




Sign up now for a car wash on Saturday, August 2 from 12 noon to 4 pm at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church (across from the high school – the district no longer permits car washes on school property).

Students will be taking pledges for washes (details soon), and all band and guard members should sign up for a two hour block: to draw attention, direct traffic, wash and dry cars. Also needed are borrowed hoses and buckets, donations of soap to wash the cars, and snacks and water for the people helping.  Dress to wash, but please follow WB School dress code. If you want to wear swimsuits, wear a shirt (plus shorts for girls) over your swimsuit.   Click HERE to sign up now.  Email wbbands@gmail.com with questions.  If you can supply any of these items but cannot make it to the car wash, contact Anne Marie Collier-Miller at bamo72@msn.com, to make arrangements to meet.




Tag Day(s) will be held Friday, August 8th from 5pm to 7pm; Saturday, August 9th from 9am to 7pm; and Sunday, August 10th from 10am to 5pm. Each shift is approximately 2 1/2 hours. We have three different locations: Hiller’s Market (Maple/Orchard Lk), Hillers Market (Commerce Rd/Union Lake Rd) and Hiller’s Market (14 Mile/Haggerty).  On Tag Day, groups of 3 students play their instruments and solicit donations from shoppers at local grocery stores. When the tradition started many years ago, donors were given tags in thanks, and the event came to be known as “Tag Day.”  It is an important fundraiser for us. It also helps connect us to our community by sharing our music with the public and raising awareness of our wonderful band program. See the TAG DAY PAGE on our web site for info, and to sign up for one or more shifts.



Band members will be assigned Marching Band uniforms on Monday, August 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Parents, if you have some time to help with the fitting we would appreciate it. It’s a great way to get to know other Marching Band parents and the students. Please let Christine Long, christinelong@mac.com know if you can make it for some, or all, of this exciting day for the band members.


Here are a few reminders for summer rehearsals:

–  we will be outside so come prepared with sunscreen, a JUG of water, running shoes, snacks, athletic clothing, sun glasses, hats and ear plugs (battery only).

–  bring a folder or binder with clear sheets to organize your music

–  bring 2 pencils so that you can make notes in your music

–  for the full day rehearsals, bring a lunch or have arrangements made to have one delivered

–  if you took an instrument home…be sure to bring it back!

–  please show up no later than 8:50am so that we can get started right at 9am.

Arrive for practice no later than 8:45am (practice will begin at 9am)

Lunch 12-1 (remember no one can leave campus during practice so bring your lunch or have arrangements made to have one delivered)


Items to wear

School appropriate attire


– no spaghetti top tank tops (width of strap must be 2-3 finger lengths)

– midriffs must be covered

– shorts must come to the tip of your fingers

– shirts must be worn

– shorts must be worn at your waist



– socks and athletic shoes (no flip flops)

Items to bring

– a good attitude

– water jug at least 2 quarts large (water bottles will not get them through the day)

– lunch (there is no refrigeration so bring it in a cooler or prepare something that can be out in the heat all day)

– SUNSCREEN (please come wearing sunscreen however you will need to reapply during the day)


Remember personal items will not be secured (everyone leaves items in their backpack either in the band room or on the sidelines of the field WBHS and BBAWB are not responsible for lost or stolen items


Make sure all of your forms are turned in!  Updated forms have been added to the website:

General Information and Packing List




The Marching Band handbook was emailed out last week.  Click HERE if you did not receive the email or see the handbook.


West Bloomfield Bands depends on the support of parents and alumni.  The list below shows items/services that West Bloomfield Bands needs to operate as well as some items that would greatly benefit our programs.  Contact us by email at wbbands@gmail.com if you can donate any of the items/services listed (new or used)
Wireless Microphones (soloist) – $2,000

Painting of Truck – $1500

Sabres for Guard (7X) – $1050

New Wheels for Carts/Synth – $320

New Wireless Metronome – $250

Tires for truck (2) – $1000

Fix/Paint Scissors Lift – $700

UPS for Audio Equipment – $600

New Wheeled Base for Pit Drummer – $500

Shelves for Band Instruments – $5,000   Completed!

New Audio Equipment (Pit) – $2,000

Guard Room Updates – $500

Marching Band Uniforms/Shakos – $72,000
Drumline Room Updates – $500

To get started: click HERE to register. Every time you shop, go to smile.amazon.com


If you are already a member of the Kroger Community Rewards program….make sure Band Boosters Association of West Bloomfield is your registered group.Click HERE to get started today!
If you are not yet a member, click HERE for instructions and links on how to join. Our “Organization Name” is “Band Boosters Association of West Bloomfield”

Show your Laker Pride!  Go to wbbands.info/band-merchandise today!  A portion of every sale goes to West Bloomfield Bands.

Go to wbbands.info/fundraising/scrip-program/ and order SCRIP (gift cards).  By doing so, you make money for the band and for your student’s account!

Come on out on Friday evening to support WB Bands and play BINGO!
We also need volunteers!  For every Friday you volunteer, you earn $30!  The July Signups are up on the website.  Click on the following link to sign up for a shift or two —–> wbbands.info/bingo

“Like Us” at “West Bloomfield Bands”  facebook.com/wbbands

July 28 – 30:  New Member Rehearsals, Color Guard, Weapons and Battery Rehearsals
July 31:  Full Band Rehearsals Begin

August 2: Car Wash
August 5:  Parent Meeting

August 8-9-10:  Tag Day (Sign-ups soon)
August 11: Uniform Fittings

August 18 – 22: Band Camp

– Next PARENT MEETING is Tuesday, August 5, 7pm, WBHS Band Room
– Next BOARD MEETING is Tuesday, August 12, 7pm, WBHS