Dear Marching Band 2016 Members and Families,

Congratulations to the newly elected Board of the Band Boosters Association of West Bloomfield:

President: Christine Karow ( )

Vice President: Scott Hobart ( )

Treasurers: Carmen and Ruben Luna ( )

Student Account Treasurers: Steve Bologna and Kim Bates ( )

Secretary: Mani Ravindran ( )

Please be assured that during this month of transition, board members in new positions have the full support of outgoing members. We all work together, and are hoping to answer any questions you have promptly.   That said, summer vacation trips are already underway. Please be patient if your messages do not receive an immediate response.


Color Guard and Percussion have rehearsals throughout the summer. Directors are communicating the schedules. If you have a summer vacation planned, please discuss with your director.


If you haven’t already joined the Official West Bloomfield High School Marching Band Page on Facebook, it is highly recommended for students, parents, and alumni. This is a private site where information is shared, questions are answered, and photos are posted. Once you request to join, an administrator will approve your request within a day or two.


UPCOMING SCHEDULE (next 2 weeks)

Monday 6/20: Color Guard rehearsal 4:00pm

Tuesday 6/21: Percussion rehearsal 5:00pm

Thursday 6/23: Color Guard rehearsal 4:00pm

Thursday 6/23: Percussion rehearsal 5:00pm

Friday 6/24: Color Guard rehearsal 5:00pm


Tuesday 6/28: Color Guard rehearsal 2:00pm

Tuesday 6/28: Percussion rehearsal 5:00pm

Thursday 6/30: Percussion rehearsal 5:00pm


full calendar



Click this link to download a copy of our Parent Code of Conduct. Developed in conjunction with the Athletic department and supported by Principal Pat Watson, it is required that all parents/or legal guardians of Marching Band 2016 members (including Color Guard and Percussion) review, sign and turn in the attached form before their children begin summer rehearsals. All the band members’ parents are required to sign. Please be advised that if only one parent signs, the rules and guidelines still will apply to all parents as if all parents signed the document.



Ok, Band Family, I changed the dates of the games to volunteer for a Tigers Game. I moved all the dates to weekend dates. Hopefully we will fit better into your schedules! Again, we are looking for at least 10 volunteers, must be 18 (all stands sell alcohol). Uniform is black pants, white shirts, black, close toed, closed-heel shoes. Tigers hat and shirt is provided. 1 meal is provided. Car parking is $2, car-pooling is encouraged.
The band is splitting the proceeds 90/10. This means that the volunteers will split 90% and band will take 10%, which will go toward scholarships. The amount could vary from game to game, as we earn a percentage of the sales. There is a training session required before volunteering.
Sign up if you are interested! Don’t let this awesome opportunity pass you by!
Kirstin Watkins-White



Remember that you can still buy and use scrip over the summer, and that 60% of the rebate goes into your student’s account. If you are new to the band and/or new to the group, make use of this money to help pay for all kinds of music and band related expenses. What an easy way to lower the cost of all things band! If you have any questions or want a better understanding of how scrip works, please don’t be shy. Every purchase brings a rebate, and 60% goes to the to student’s points account, while 40% goes toward instruments, sectional instruction, music program scholarships, equipment purchase, and other initiatives supported by the Band Boosters. Go to and order SCRIP (gift cards).  The rewards for every purchase add up! And the more people who participate, the faster the rewards grow. Questions about how it works? Please contact Marci Grossman. Of course, if you don’t want to buy scrip, you can always just make a donation to the band. The benefits of being a 501(c)3: A donation is tax deductible.



Remember, all marching band participants must provide the completed medical forms before full-band rehearsals begin. Your family physician or a mini-clinic can perform a sports physical. It is a requirement from the State of Michigan that any athlete participating in a West Bloomfield School District sport or marching band will NEED a physical conducted AFTER APRIL 15 to try out or participate in athletics. Copies of the MHSAA Physical Form and Medication Form are found in the green enrollment folders.   If for any reason you are not able to have the physical completed before the mini-camp, you must email to discuss.


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July 12 – Band Parents Meeting

July 15 – July Marching Band payment due

July 25 – Brass/Woodwinds New member rehearsals begin

July 31 – Leadership Day

August 1 – Daily rehearsals begin

August 5 – Band Camp starts

August 5 – August Marching Band Payment due

Sept 6 – First Day of School – afternoon rehearsals begin

Sept 9 – First football game

Sept 10 – MCBA Field Day at WBHS


  • Next PARENT MEETING is Tuesday, July 12, 7pm, WBHS
  • Next BOARD MEETING is July 18 (to be confirmed), Location TBD