I have sent out an email to hopefully everybody, letting you know your time that you will be working. If you did not receive one, please contact me. If you have any problem with your schedule please let me know ASAP, otherwise we will be counting on you to be there at your assigned time.

Fifteen minutes before your assigned time, please check in at the Volunteer Check In desk which will be located just inside the front door of the high school. You will be given a name badge to wear during your shift. When you are finished with your shift please return the name tags to the volunteer check in desk. We will need the name badges for other people to use.

With so many schools coming, parking will be limited. You may want to car pool or be dropped off. If you are driving, please park in the church parking lot across from the high school. It is the parking lot that is paved (not gravel) on the north side of Green.

If you have a show shirt, band shirt, WB shirt or just a green shirt; please wear it that day.

If you have any questions or issues, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can address it.

Thank you so much for helping. We could not do it without you!

Ruth Richards (richardsbandmom@gmail.com)