WGI Regionals Trip, Dayton OH (Feb 28 – Mar 1)




Here are some reminders:

  1. Please be at Abbott between 6:00 AM and 6:15 AM on Saturday, February 28th. We want to leave by 6:30 AM sharp!
  2. We will be traveling by van. Ruth Richards will be driving her van, Marguerite DeBello will be driving a rented van, and Sarah Boyle will be driving a mini-van. We will put the luggage in the vehicles if it fits, otherwise the luggage will be on the truck. The students are encouraged to pack lightly for this overnight trip.
  3. Some parents may choose to drive their own children. Please just let us know so that we can plan accordingly.
  4. The students are to remain in the stadium as a group. If at any time a parent takes their child to a different location, we ask that you inform Pat, Chad, Ruth or Marguerite. If a child is unaccounted for, these are the adults that will be consulted.
  5. Please do not plan to take any child other than your own, unless you have prior written permission from the child’s parent and you have cleared it with either Pat or Chad. The school district does require this.
  6. We will be providing the meals noted on the itinerary. Students may want to bring money for any additional food or purchases. There will probably be merchandise for sale at the stadium, but we are not certain.
  7. We are also asking for $5 per child so we may buy bottled water and snacks. Please give $5 to Marguerite Debello on or before the day we leave.
  8. If you are leaving your vehicle in Abbott parking lot, you must provide the vehicle information to Ruth Richards, richardsbandmom@gmail.com by Wednesday, February 25th. (We need to send an email with this information to the school principal).
  9. Make sure that your child has their dinkles and black socks.
  10. All medicines must be clearly marked & given to our nurse, Marguerite DeBello, at the time that we leave.
  11. Bring a warm jacket.
  12. The scheduled time to arrive at Abbott on Sunday is an estimate. We will ask the students to either text or call their rides when we are 30 minutes away from Abbott.


Thank you. Please let us know if you have any questions.