7:45 Arrive at Abbott

8:00 Rehearsal

9:50 Load the Truck

10:30 Depart Abbott

1:00 Check in at SVSU

2:56 Perform

3:10 Load the Truck

4:40 Awards

5:25 Dismissed *Everyone must stay for awards.  We will not be unloading the truck Sunday night so you will be able to go straight home after awards are over.



* Due to the band meeting on the 10th and departing for WGI on the 18th, we had to shift a rehearsal to Friday the 12th and Monday the 15th.

* As you can see, we only have a handful of rehearsals left in the season!  It’s crucial that everyone is present for these rehearsals so that we can really polish the show and do well in Dayton!



Tuesday 9th = Rehearsal 4:30-8 (Show up at 4:30 to unload the truck before rehearsal)

Wednesday 10th = Marching Band Meeting – No Rehearsal

Thursday 11th = Rehearsal 5-8

Friday 12th = Rehearsal 5-8


Saturday 13th = Rehearsal 9-5


Monday 15th = Rehearsal 5-8

Tuesday 16th = Rehearsal 5-8

Wednesday 17th = Rehearsal 5-8

Thursday 18th = Rehearsal in AM, Perform at Abbott, Depart for Worlds


Hope you’re all enjoying your spring break and getting lots of rest.  I’ll see you all Saturday for this final push! 🙂