Below is the schedule for this Saturdays show. March 2nd.

Kids must find rides to and from show as well as lunch on own.

See below for address of school location.

We are in need of parents to help load and unload the truck. As well as all kids are needed to lend a hand.

What to wear for Saturdays show:
We have our new Uniforms!
You must wear a light colored T-shirt under the new uniform, Sleeves will show with dark T-shirts. A tank top might be a good idea:).
Black socks and dinkles for your feet.
For those that forgot their uniform bags, Please remember to bring uniform bags to practice with you.

Thank you.


9:00 Rehearsal

12:15 Load Truck

1:00 Depart Abbott: Eat Lunch – Drive to Milford High School

2:50 Arrive at Milford High School: Check In – Change – Unload

4:22 Perform Show

4:30 Load Truck

4:57 Awards

5:20 Drive to Abbott

6:00 Unload

6:30 Go Home

Show Name: Huron Valley Alliance
Show Location: Milford High School
2380 S. Milford Road
Highland, 48357