SATURDAY – 3/23/2013 – Lakeland High School

Sleep in 🙂

12:00: Rehearsal at Abbott Middle School

5:00: Load the Truck

5:30: Depart AMS, Drive to Lakeland, Eat Dinner

7:30: Check in at Lakeland High School

9:19: Perform

9:29: Load the Truck and Change

10:00: Go home

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the Winter Drumline schedule for this weekend:


SUNDAY – 3/24/2013 – Troy Athens High School

Sleep in 🙂

12:00: Rehearsal at Abbott Middle School

3:30: Load the Truck

4:00: Depart

5:20: Check in at Troy Athens High School

7:02 Perform

TBD: Depart for AMS When the show is over and unload