Introducing a brand new Marching Band fundraiser!

“You’ve Been Flocked!”

The Marching band is the proud owner of 2 flocks of 25 pink, plastic flamingos. You remember those yard ornaments right? In this case, Band members use the flamingos to, anonymously and under the cover of darkness, “decorate” member’s lawns.

Specifically, a section from our band group gets it started by paying the BBAWB to place the flock of garish, pink, plastic flamingos on another member’s front lawn, and the homeowner is so traumatized by the site of the garish, pink, plastic birds they immediately call the number on the flyer left behind to arrange the birds’ removal. Of course, there is a charge for the removal and re-establishment of habitats to another member’s lawn. Those fees are paid by the second member, and so on.

For those sensitive/allergic to “feathers”, we will also be selling “anti-flocking insurance” that will guarantee their home to be flamingo-free for the duration of the fundraiser.

Cost to send the flock:  $20
Cost for anti-flocking insurance:  $30  (Click HERE to purchase)

Go to to flock someone today!

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Questions?  contact Heide Dronchi